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Expanded to the UK in 2021, Better Outcome creates solutions for companies, which must respond to the new economic and social realities accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Mercer 2021 Global Talent Trends Study, employees responded when asked what helps them thrive, the top two answers were “Opportunities to learn new skills and technology” (43%) alongside recognition for their contributions (42%). 

This demonstrates a vital need for businesses to upskill and reskill their employees in order to thrive. It also requires a shift in thinking away from standard, run-off-the-mill approach to skills training and hiring. 

Using Accelium game-based learning methodology for its skill development, assessment and hiring programs, Better Outcome provides an engaging, effective and fully digitalized solution for companies in their training & development strategies.

However, a focus on technology and redesigning skills is only half the equation; corporations are in a unique position to lead the agenda on adapting the new normal, but they can’t succeed in isolation. More innovative and collaborative approaches to a more resilient and psychologically safe company environment is needed.

Now that leaders must listen to their employees more than ever, and need to demonstrate empathy and responsiveness on a daily basis, it has never been more vital to weave together the business and human agendas.

'Align everyone to a people-focused mindset.'

That’s the vision and purpose behind our proprietary CARE model. 

Created by U.S. based DX Learning Solutions, The CARE model captures a modern mindset that encourages self-awareness, empathy and improvement, helping managers promote psychological safety and higher performance for their teams by stimulating the growth mindset for inclusive leadership.

We believe it’s the foundation of transformational leadership—and the driving force at the heart of every one of our leadership programs and habit shifters. 

You more than likely have your culture defined, with a set of values and behaviors. Our job is not to introduce another model, but to listen and learn how we can partner to empower your managers with a people-first mindset...

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Strategize. Grow. Sustain.

Being an entrepreneur and establishing business is hard. Getting to 1 from 0 is fundamentally different than getting to X from 1...

We believe that there is no such thing as one fits all and it's not possible to help a small business grow, without actually living the growth pains.

In Better Outcome, our team of consultants are chosen amongst entrepreneurs instead of consultants with academic background or multi-national company experience.   

We also believe that the mountains are moved by action rather than ideas. Therefore, why waste time by reading big words when you have a chance to tell your story and let us help you to achieve your goals?

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